Following your first scan, as you fix issues you can scan the same application again multiple times and overwrite the previous results; the dashboard always displays the current results. When you scan again (rather than starting a new scan), the rescan overwrites the previous one.

About this task

The following conditions apply to the free rescan option:
  • You must scan the same application as you originally scanned (same file or starting URL). To scan a different application, you must start a new scan.
  • You must not delete the previous scan, but use Rescan to overwrite it. Deleting a scan removes it from the records and voids the rescan option.
  • Pay-per-scan plan: Rescans are not free, but are charged as separate scans.


To rescan your app:
  1. Click Rescan.

    AppScan 360°warns that the new scan overwrites the previous one. To save the current report, click Download Report.

  2. Click Scan now to continue.
    Private sites only: If the Presence used for the original scan was deleted or is otherwise unavailable, you must select a valid Presence before you continue.
  3. Click Select file, browse to the updated IRX file on your computer, and click Open.
  4. Click Review and scan.
  5. Click Scan now.