Action properties

How to specify and use action properties.

When you select an action, its properties are displayed on the right of the table, where you can edit them.

Mandatory property fields are marked by asterisks. If you try to save an action without specifying one or more mandatory values, the required fields turn red and the rule cannot be saved. If available, default values are automatically entered in the fields.

Using variable information into action properties

To better qualify your action, you can use some event properties as variable information that can be added to the action properties. To use variables, select the variable icon variable icon above the field. If you select the machine-readable format check box the variable is used as input to a command or a script; otherwise, if you don't select it, the variable is included in normal text information (e.g. in a message or an email).

For example, you can include the job name in the mail body, if you have mail notification as a response action to a job-related event. You can include this variable information together with normal text in action properties that require a string value. For those properties that require a numeric value, you can enter either the variable information or a number.

Otherwise, you can click the lookup icon lookup icon, enter your filter criteria and click Search. All the model items that reflect the inserted criteria are shown. Selecting an item, the fields are automatically filled in with its values.