Type of communication based on SSL communication options

How the SSL communication options for distributed workstations affect communication between workstations.

Based on the authentication types that you defined for the workstations in your network, communication between workstations is different. The following table summarizes the types of connection for the different authentication type settings.

Table 1. Type of communication based on workstation SSL communication options
Fault-tolerant Agent (Domain Manager) Domain Manager (Parent Domain Manager) Connection Type
Disabled Disabled TCP/IP
Allow Incoming Disabled TCP/IP
Upward Forced Disabled No connection
All Forced Disabled No connection
Disabled Upward Forced TCP/IP
Allow Incoming Upward Forced TCP/IP
Upward Forced Upward Forced SSL
All Forced Upward Forced SSL
Disabled Allow Incoming TCP/IP
Allow Incoming Allow Incoming TCP/IP
Upward Forced Allow Incoming SSL
All Forced Allow Incoming SSL
Disabled All Forced No connection
Allow Incoming All Forced SSL
Upward Forced All Forced SSL
All Forced All Forced SSL

For details about how to create SSL certificates and how to set local options for SSL communication, see HCL Workload Automation Administration.