Upgrading a dynamic domain manager instance or its backup

Install a new dynamic domain manager configured as a backup and link it to your current network. Then switch it to become the new dynamic domain manager.

About this task

This is a parallel upgrade procedure that installs a fresh dynamic domain manager configured as backup. The dynamic domain manager configured as a backup points to your existing HCL Workload Automation database and then later becomes your new dynamic domain manager.

The graphic displays the typical flow of an upgrade procedure beginning with upgrading the existing backup dynamic domain manager or installing a new backup dynamic domain manager, switching the dynamic domain manager to the new or upgraded backup dynamic domain manager, upgrading the old dynamic domain manager and optionally switching back to the old dynamic domain manager.

This section describes how to upgrade the dynamic components ( dynamic domain manager and its backup). For details about the supported versions from which you can upgrade, see the https://help.hcltechsw.com/workloadautomation/v95/distrDDguides.html.