Before upgrading

Before starting to upgrade the product, verify that your network has the minimum required supported versions of the operating system, product, and database.

Supported operating systems

To obtain an updated list of the supported operating systems, see Supported Operating Systems.

For a complete list of system requirements (disk spaces, temporary spaces and RAM usage), see HCL Workload Automation Detailed System Requirements.

Supported databases

For an up-to-date list of supported databases, see Supported Software.

Product level prerequisites for master domain manager and its backup, dynamic domain manager and its backup, and agents

Before you start the upgrade, verify that your environment has the required product level prerequisites. For a complete list of product level prerequisites, see HCL Workload Automation Detailed System Requirements.

User authorization requirements

Before starting to upgrade, verify that the user running the installation process has the following authorization requirements:
UNIX and Linux operating systems
root access
Windows operating system

If you set the Windows User Account Control (UAC), your login account must be a member of the Windows Administrators group or domain administrators group with the right Act as Part of the Operating System.

You must run the installation as administrator.

SSL mode configuration

If the HCL Workload Automation environment is configured in SSL mode, ensure one of the following conditions is met in the localopts file before you upgrade master domain manager, backup master domain manager, dynamic domain manager, or fault-tolerant agents to Version 9.5 or later:
  • the SSL Encryption Cipher parameter is set to TLSv1.2
  • If the SSL Encryption Cipher parameter is not used, but one of the following parameters is used:
    • ssl tls12 cipher
    • ssl tls11 cipher
    • ssl tls10 cipher
    ensure the parameter is set to HIGH.

Downloading installation images

Before starting to upgrade, download the installation images. For further information, see Downloading installation images on your workstation