Updating containers

Updating the container configuration parameters.

To change the container configuration parameters or to obtain the latest version of a container, an update is required.

To update a container, proceed as follows:
  • Docker containers
    Complete the following procedure to update a Docker container.
    1. Contact your HCL sales representative for the login details required to access the HCL Entitled Registry
    2. Run the following command to log into the HCL Entitled Registry:
      docker login -u <your_username> -p <your_entitled_key> hclcr.io
      The console image is named hclcr.io/wa/hcl-workload-automation-console:<release_name>
    3. Run the following command to log into the HCL Entitled Registry:
      docker login -u <your_username> -p <your_entitled_key> hclcr.io
    4. Manually update the compose file by modifying the image name if docker-compose does not reference the version to which you want to update.
    5. Launch the "docker-compose up -d" command.
    • Launching the "docker-compose up -d" command, the container is restarted and the database schema is automatically updated. If you are planning to update both the HCL Workload Automation server MDM and BKM, ensure that you run the command for one component at a time. To avoid database conflicts, start the second component only when the first component has completed successfully.
    • In a Docker environment, if your server component uses a timezone different from the default timezone, then to avoid problems with the FINAL job stream, you must update MAKEPLAN within the DOCOMMAND, specifying the timezone parameter and value. For example, if you are using the America/Los Angeles timezone, then it must be specified as follows:
      DOCOMMAND "TODAY_DATE=`${UNISONHOME}/bin/datecalc today pic YYYYMMDD`; ${UNISONHOME}/MakePlan -to `${UNISONHOME}/bin/datecalc ${TODAY_DATE}070
      0 + 1 day + 2 hours pic MM/DD/YYYY^HHTT` timezone America/Los_Angeles"
      STREAMLOGON wauser
      DESCRIPTION "Added by composer."

Only the following parameters can be modified with the update:

  • db.type
  • db.hostname
  • db.port
  • db.name
  • db.tsName
  • db.tsPath
  • db.tsLogName
  • db.tsLogPath
  • db.tsPlanName
  • db.tsPlanPath
  • db.tsTempName
  • db.tssbspace
  • db.user
  • db.adminUser
  • db.sslConnection
  • wa_password
  • db_admin_password
  • db_password