Downloading installation images on your workstation

Steps to take when downloading images on your workstation.

About this task

Upgrade from version 9.3.x, 9.4.x to the latest fix pack level
Complete the following procedure to download the installation images to upgrade your environment to the latest fix pack level:
  1. Ensure that your workstation has sufficient space to store both the files you download from Flexnet and the extracted installation image. For more information about system requirements, see Product Requirements. To install the fix pack, download all the required images from Flexnet. The zip contains both the General Availability 9.5 image and the latest fix pack image.
  2. From Flexnet, download the product images to a temporary directory.
  3. Extract the installation image from the downloaded file and verify that the installation image is complete.
Note: WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base V18.0.0.4 is available for download from HCL License Portal only; however, more updated versions of WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base can be downloaded from Recommended updates for WebSphere Application Server Liberty. For further details about eImages, see the Download Document at Product Requirements and Fix Pack readmes.