How can I check database consistency to avoid schema corruption?

Checking and maintaining database consistency

The database administrator can verify if the database schema has changed and repair any inconsistencies.

Proceed as follows:
  1. Browse to the folder containing the configureDb command. The command is located in the following path, depending on the component for which you are installing:
    master domain manager
    Dynamic Workload Console
  2. When launching the configureDb command, as explained in Installing the master domain manager and backup master domain manager and Installing the Dynamic Workload Console servers, set the – execsql parameter to false:
    -execsql|-es execute_sql
    Set to true to generate and run the SQL file, set to false to generate the SQL statement without running it. The resulting files are stored in the path defined in the work_dir parameter. This option is useful if you wan to review the file before running it. This parameter is optional. The default value is true.

    This parameter generates a number of SQL files, which you can check to look for any inconsistencies. For example, if you find CREATE instructions, this means that some records or indexes are missing in the database.

  3. If you identify any inconsistencies, provide the files to the database administrator to run on the database and fix the inconsistencies.

For more information about the configureDb command, see Database configuration - configureDB script.