How can I configure a different temporary directory where files get downloaded?

Customizing the working directory of the database.

If you do not want to use the default working directory, where temporary files are stored, you can customize it when creating and populating the database with the configureDb command.

Proceed as follows:
  1. Browse to the folder containing the configureDb command. The command is located in the following path, depending on the component for which you are installing:
    master domain manager
    Dynamic Workload Console
  2. When launching the configureDb command, as explained in Installing the master domain manager and backup master domain manager and Installing the Dynamic Workload Console servers, modify the following parameter as necessary:
    The working directory where you extract the installation image. It also contains the output produced by the command, such as the SQL statements if you set the execsql parameter to false. The default value is /tmp on UNIX operating systems and C:\tmp on Windows operating systems.

For more information about the configureDb command, see Database configuration - configureDB script.