Network operation

The batchman process on each domain manager and fault-tolerant agent workstation operates autonomously, scanning its Symphony file to resolve dependencies and launch jobs. Batchman launches jobs via the jobman process. On a standard agent, the jobman process responds to launch requests from the domain manager's batchman.

The master domain manager is continuously informed of job launches and completions and is responsible for broadcasting the information to domain managers and fault-tolerant agents so they can resolve any inter-workstation dependencies.

The degree of synchronization among the Symphony files depends on the setting of the FullStatus mode in a workstation's definition. Assuming that these modes are turned on, a fault-tolerant agent's Symphony file contains the same information as the master domain manager's (see the section that explains how to manage workstations in the database in the HCL Workload Automation: User's Guide and Reference).
Figure 1. Symphony file synchronization

Graphic showing how the Symphony file is synchronized on the three different types of workstation. The synchronization takes place between the , domain managers and fault-tolerant agents. There is no Symphony file or synchronization on standard agents, as their jobman processes are controlled by the batchman process on their domain managers.