Enabling Ports

When you install the master domain manager in a HCL Workload Automation network all the incoming and outgoing ports are shown in the figure below:

Incoming and outgoing ports

If you enable the event driven workload automation (EDWA) behind the firewall feature the figure below shows all the incoming and outgoing ports.

Incoming and outgoing ports
The following is the complete list of all ports:
Communication agent - master domain manager
  • 31111 - incoming/outcoming Netman port (localopts)
  • 31115 - HTTP_PORT
  • 31116 - HTTPS Protocol port (localopts)
  • 31113 - port used to listen for incoming SSL connections. This value must match the one defined in the nm SSL port local option of the workstation
  • 31131 - eventProcessorEIFPort specifies the Job Manager Event Integration Facility (EIF) port number. (optman ls)
  • 31132 - -gweifport gateway_eif_port. Specifies the Job Manager Event Integration Facility (EIF) port number. The default value is 31132. The valid range is 1 to 65535
  • 5529 - EIF Probe server port. Used in event rule management
dynamic domain manager
  • 31114 - dynamic domain manager JobManager port (ssl_port in the ita.ini file)
  • 31117 - dynamic domain manager ResourceAdvisor port (used for JobStatus Update and ResourcesStatus Update)
  • 41114 - BROKER_NETMAN_PORT – The TCP/IP port number used by the netman process to listen to communication from the dynamic domain manager
  • 35116 - CLI connections (localopts)
Dynamic Workload Console
  • 9444 - HTTP_PORT
  • 9443 - HTTPS_PORT
  • 12809 - bootstrap port
  • 19402 - bootstrap security port, to be used for connecting to the Z connector
event-driven workload automation
  • 31131 - HTTP/HTTPS Config Deploy port