IP address validation

When a TCP/IP connection is established, netman reads the requester's node name and IP address from the socket. The IP address and node name are used to search the Symphony file for a known HCL Workload Automation workstation with one of the following possible results:
  • If an IP address match is found the validation is considered successful.
  • If a node name match is found, the validation is considered successful.
  • If no match is found in the Symphony file or the IP address returned does not match the one read from the socket, the validation is considered unsuccessful.

The local option, nm ipvalidate, determines the action to be taken if IP validation is unsuccessful. If the option is set to full, unsuccessful validation causes HCL Workload Automation to close the connection and generate an error message. If the option is set to none (default), HCL Workload Automation permits all connections, but generates a warning message for unsuccessful validation checks.