To merge the latest version with your checkout

About this task

When you first check in (on Windows systems, issue the Check In command for) a nonlatest version of an element, one of the following actions occur:
  • On the UNIX system and Linux, you see a message that the version you checked out is not the latest on the branch, and the checkin is prevented. Enter a command in the following format:
    cleartool merge -graphical -to file-or-directory-in-your-view \

    Using the -graphical option starts the Diff Merge or, if you merge XML versions, the XML Diff Merge tool. The argument on -to specifies your checked out element. The other argument is a version-extended pathname that specifies the latest version on the branch on which you are working (see the pathnames_ccase reference page for a complete description of syntax). After the merge completes, save the results and check in the version by entering the cleartool checkin command from the view.

  • On Windows systems, a window opens and asks whether you want to merge the file now. If you choose to merge, an automatic merge is attempted. If your input is needed to complete the merge, the Diff Merge or XML Diff Merge tool starts. After the merge completes, you are prompted to check in the element.

When you check in the merge results, the system sees the merge arrow from the latest version to your checked-out version, which contains the merge results. The checkin creates a successor version.