Working with resources in a repository

This section of the tutorial describes how to add resources to source control, modify resources, and use the HCL VersionVault Explorer to perform other operations on resources.

In HCL VersionVault, the source repository is called a VOB (Versioned Object Base). It contains the files and directories that represent a product or a development effort. Depending on how your administrator or project leader sets up the development environment, you can access files and directories in one VOB or in multiple VOBs. In this tutorial, you will work with only one VOB.

Learning objectives

After completing the lessons in this module you will know and understand the concepts, and know how to do the following:
  • Load resources into a VersionVault view
  • Share a project
  • Add a project to source control
  • Create resources and add them to source control
  • Modify a resource
  • Find checked-out resources
  • Cancel a checkout
  • Commit modifications to the repository
  • Compare a version with its predecessor

Time required

This module should take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Lessons in this module