This tutorial helps you learn the basic skills needed to use the HCL VersionVault Explorer.

Follow the modules in the order presented. In general, later lessons build on knowledge and skills presented in earlier lessons. In addition, examples presented in early lessons are reused and expanded in later lessons.

If you want a quick route through the tutorial, you can use the cheat sheets associated with this tutorial. They contain all the tutorial topics in abbreviated form, and you can click the links to the tutorial if you need more information about how to complete the tasks. To view the cheat sheets, in the Eclipse menu click Help > Cheat Sheets, click HCL VersionVault Explorer, click a tutorial section, and click OK.

This tutorial describes base VersionVault; it does not contain information about the UCM (Unified Change Management) model.

Learning objectives

This tutorial teaches you how to perform the following tasks:
  • Create a workspace, project, view and perspective.
  • Work in a perspective.
  • Work with resources in a VersionVault repository.

Time required

This tutorial should take approximately 90 minutes to finish. If you explore other concepts related to this tutorial, it could take longer to complete.


Complete the following prerequisites before beginning this tutorial:
  • Obtain the URL for the VersionVault Web server and the user name and password you need for authentication.
  • Ask your administrator to create a VOB with the VOB tag ccrc_tut. The VOB can be public or private, but should be public if possible.
  • Ask your administrator which line termination mode to use when you create a VersionVault view.

Modules in this tutorial