Upgrade notes for VersionVault on Linux and UNIX

Before upgrading HCL VersionVault on a Linux or UNIX operating system, review system requirements and complete any required upgrade planning tasks.

  • On Linux systems, verify that the required Linux software packages are installed.
  • If the Linux kernel on the Linux host where you are installing or upgrading HCL VersionVault is not compatible with the loadable kernel module included with HCL VersionVault, you must rebuild MVFS. If you are running a Linux kernel that is compatible with one of the pre-built sets of modules, rebuilding is not required. For more information, see the following readme file: /var/adm/hcl/versionvault/mvfs/mvfs_src/README.txt.
  • If you are upgrading a HCL VersionVault environment that is deployed in Solaris global and non-global zones, see the Deploying HCL VersionVault on Solaris zones documentation for information about installing and upgrading in Solaris zones.
  • See the VersionVault Administration documentation for more information about HCL VersionVault on the UNIX system and Linux.