Configure your environment after an installation or upgrade

For some types of HCL VersionVault and HCL VersionVault MultiSite hosts, some configuration tasks are required after you complete a product installation or upgrade operation.

Table 1. Checklist of post-upgrade requirements
Requirement Client


Information Comments
Complete the installation on a license server host Server Completing the installation on a license server host
Complete the installation on a registry server host and restore registry data and client list from backup Server Completing the installation on a registry server hostRestoring HCL VersionVault registry data after upgrade
Restore custom configuration and data from the previous installation HCL VersionVault Server Restore data that was preserved from the previous installation. Data to be restored can include custom configuration files and job scripts, scheduler data (\var\scheduler), and data in shipping bays for VersionVault MultiSite installations (\var\shipping). See Back up environment resources. Because new configuration settings might be added from one version to the next, do not overwrite configuration files with your backup file. Instead, compare the two files and merge any custom configuration settings into the new file.
Verify installation on individual hosts Server Verifying installation on individual hosts
Learn about administering HCL VersionVault Client


Administering HCL VersionVault
Configure HCL VersionVault MultiSite Server Restoring customer-modified shipping configuration files in HCL VersionVault MultiSite

Administering HCL VersionVault MultiSite

After you install or upgrade, you can adjust configuration such as replica synchronization and restore any customized configuration files to the new version.
Configure the VersionVault WAN server Server WebSphere Application Server settings for VersionVault WAN server

Administering the VersionVault WAN server

Review the WebSphere® Application Server settings for VersionVault WAN server and complete other administrative tasks to configure the VersionVault WAN server.
Customize the client host environment Client Customizing a client host environment for HCL VersionVault Make sure client hosts can access resources such as the VersionVault manpages for command help, text editors, graphics tools, and other utilities that might be required for HCL VersionVault processing.
Optional. Enable support for ACL-enabled VOBs Server Set up ACLs on new and existing VOBs
Optional. Install integrations with independent software Server HCL VersionVault integrations are separate products that provide tight integration between HCL VersionVault and software engineering tools of independent software vendors. Installation instructions are provided with each integration.