IBM Packaging Utility

Use IBM Packaging Utility software to set up a repository for IBM Installation Manager and to copy product packages to the repository. After you copy product packages, you define the repository location in the Preferences window of Installation Manager.

For information about installing the Packaging Utility software, see Installing Packaging Utility.

You can place a repository that contains a product package on a Web server that is available over HTTP or HTTPS or on a shared drive. You must use the Packing Utility to copy the product package into the repository. For steps on copying a product package, see Copying product packages using Packaging Utility.

Use Packaging Utility to perform the following tasks:
  • Create an Installation Manager repository for product packages.
  • Copy the product packages to a new repository.

    You can copy multiple product packages into a single repository, which creates a common location from which Installation Manager can install product packages.

  • Delete product packages from a repository.

For more information about the Packaging Utility, see the online help or the Installation Manager documentation.