Modifying a product installation

IBM Installation Manager enables you to modify the language and feature selections of an installed product package.


To modify an installed package:
  1. If you have programs running that are installed with Installation Manager, close them before modifying.
  2. On the Start page of Installation Manager, click the Modify button.
  3. If a new version of Installation Manager is found, you are prompted to confirm that you want to install it before you can continue. Click OK to proceed. Installation Manager automatically installs the new version, stops, restarts, and resumes.
  4. In the Modify Packages wizard, select the packages that you want to modify and click Next.
  5. (Optional) On the next Modify Packages page, under Languages, add or remove languages by selecting them. The corresponding language files will be installed. Note that your choices apply to all packages installed under this package group.
  6. Click Next
  7. (Optional) On the Features page, select the package features that you want to install or remove.
    1. To learn more about a feature, click the feature and review the brief description under Details.
    2. If you want to see the dependency relationships between features, select Show Dependencies. When you click a feature, any features that depend on it and any features that are its dependents are shown in the Dependencies window. As you select or exclude features in the packages, Installation Managerwill automatically enforce any dependencies with other features and display updated download size and disk space requirements for the installation.
    3. To return to the default features selected for the packages, click Restore default.
  8. When you are finished selecting features, click Next to continue.
  9. On the Summary page, review your selections.
    1. If you want to change the choices you made on previous pages, click Back and make your changes.
    2. When you are satisfied with your choices, click Modify. A progress indicator shows the percentage of the installation completed.
  10. When the installation process is completed, a message confirming the success of the installation is displayed near the top of the page.
  11. (Optional) Click View log file to open the installation log file for the current session in a new window. You must close the Installation Log window to continue.