Installing silently

Use IBM Installation Manager to run a silent install of an HCL product. When you run a silent install, the Installation Manager interface is not available. Installation Manager uses a response file that contains commands required to install the product package.

About this task

You can install, update, modify and uninstall product packages using a silent install. When you complete the silent install, you can use an existing response file or record a new one using Installation Manager. For more information and instructions for recording a response file, see Working in silent mode in the Installation Manager documentation.

Important: You must install Installation Manager before you can silently install a product package.


To complete a silent installation of Installation Manager followed by product package installation, complete the following tasks:
  1. Run a silent install of Installation Manager using the Installation Manager installer.
  2. Obtain a copy of the product response file and update it for your environment.
    If you want to record a response file using Installation Manager, see the Installation Manager documentation for instructions.
  3. Run a silent install of the HCL product using the Installation Manager.