How do I import events from an internet calendar?

You can import single and repeat events from an internet calendar (.ics) file into your IBM Verse calendar. For example, import events from a Google calendar .ics file.

The .ics file that you import can be on your local computer or attached to a mail message.
  • Only events and alarms are imported from the .ics file. To Do, Journal, and busytime entries are not imported.
  • The .ics file must be 5 MB or less.
  • You can import up to 100 events from one .ics file. All occurrences of a repeating event are considered one event.
  • To import the contents of an .ics file that is attached to a message, the message cannot be encrypted.
To import an .ics file saved on your computer:
  1. From your Verse calendar, click the import calendar button at the top, right:
    Import calendar icon
  2. Select and open the .ics file.

To import an .ics file attached to a message:

  1. Open the message with the attachment and click the import calendar icon next to the attached .ics file:
    Import calendar icon for attachment
A prompt confirms the events that are imported. Click OK.
Import calendar confirmation