How do I use calendar alarms?

With calendar alarms, IBM Verse displays a small message on your desktop before your meeting is about to begin. Clicking the notification takes you right to the meeting event in your calendar.

pop-up alarm notification

Note: Calendar alarms are not available on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Edge 13.
Note: Calendar alarms display differently depending on the browser you are using. Check your notification settings in your browser to configure how they display, as well to ensure they are enabled.
There are no additional applications to install. Calendar alarms and alerts are enabled by default. When you create an event in your calendar, an alarm is already set. If you wish, you can change the alarm time or disable it completely.
Note: Calendar alarms are only enabled for newly created events. Events already on your calendar will not have alarms.

Calendar invitation with options to set when you want to be notified of the upcoming event

To turn off calendar alarms, click Mail and Calendar Settings from your profile drop down, then deselect the option Display Calendar Notifications.
Note: This setting only stops alarms from displaying. Alarms will still be set by default when new invitations are created.

Account settings menu showing the Mail and Calendar Settings option