Scheduler jobs created in version 11.1 or older versions require to be updated to run on version 12.0. Use the quartzjobtool utility to update the scheduler jobs when the installer has not done this automatically during installation or upgrade. This tool reads environment variables from the setenv_quartz script. The Unica Platform installer should have set this variable automatically, but it is a good practice to verify that the JAVA_HOME variable is set if you have a problem running a utility. The JDK must be the Sun version (not, for example, the JRockit JDK available with WebLogic).



Use the quartzjobtool to update scheduler jobs. This is a required step. If this upgrade tool is not run, any existing scheduled job will fail to start. The quartzjobtool is in the tools\bin directory under Unica Platform installation. Run this utility from the tools\bin directory.

Example command (Windows): quartzjobtool.bat

Example command (Unix): ./quartzjobtool.sh


Update scheduler jobs quartzjobtool