The datafilteringScriptTool utility reads an XML file to populate the data filtering tables in the Unica Platform system table database.

Depending on how you write the XML, you can use this utility in two ways.

  • Using one set of XML elements, you can auto-generate data filters based on unique combinations of field values (one data filter for each unique combination).
  • Using a slightly different set of XML elements, you can specify each data filter that the utility creates.

See Unica Platform the Administrator's Guide for information about creating the XML.

When to use datafilteringScriptTool

You must use datafilteringScriptTool when you create new data filters.


The Unica Platform must be deployed and running.

Using datafilteringScriptTool with SSL

When the Unica Platform is deployed using one-way SSL you must modify the datafilteringScriptTool script to add the SSL options that perform handshaking. To modify the script, you must have the following information.

  • Truststore file name and path
  • Truststore password

In a text editor, open the datafilteringScriptTool script (.bat or .sh) and find the lines that look like this (examples are Windows version).



Edit these lines to look like this (new text is in bold). Substitute your truststore path and file name and truststore password for myTrustStore.jks and myPassword.





datafilteringScriptTool -r pathfile


-r path_file

Import data filter specifications from a specified XML file. If the file is not located in the tools/bin directory under your installation, provide a path and enclose the path_file parameter in double quotation marks.


  • Use a file named collaborateDataFilters.xml, located in the C:\unica\xml directory, to populate the data filter system tables.

    datafilteringScriptTool -r "C:\unica\xml\collaborateDataFilters.xml"