Installing Unica Platform in a cluster

Unica Platform supports cluster deployment for IBM WebSphere Application Server, JBOSS, and Tomcat. Clustering is not supported on WebLogic.

Process overview

The following steps are an overview of the process for setting up a Unica Platform cluster deployment.

  1. Set up WebSphere clusters on two or more servers.
  2. Create a profile for the primary node in WebSphere.
  3. Create WebSphere cluster nodes.
  4. Create a WebSphere cluster
  5. Add existing nodes to the cluster (optional)
  6. Start the nodes, web server, and cluster
  7. Create JDBC providers
  8. Install and deploy Unica products
  9. Configure the HTTP Server as a load balancer
  10. Configure Unica Platform logs.


The following are prerequisites that must be met before you perform the procedures described in this section.

  • The HTTP Server and the HTTP Server plugins must be installed on the server machine on which you plan to create the WebSphere Deployment Manager profile is being created. The HTTP Server is included with WebSphere at no charge.
  • The HTTP Server is up and running.