The encryptTomcatDBPasswords utility is used to encrypt the database passwords that the Tomcat Application server uses internally. It is used to encrypt database passwords used in Campaign.xml and unica.xml. This utility can encrypt the Unica application database password. The utility prints the encrypted password in the command line.

When to use encryptTomcatDBPasswords

Use encryptTomcatDBPasswords utility when you want to use encrypted password under Tomcat configurations. It can be used when the Campaign or Unica System DB password has expired or changed. You can use this utility and encrypt the password and this will be get replaced in Campaign.xml, unica.xml and plan.xml located at <instanceHome>\conf\Catalina\localhost.


encryptTomcatDBPasswords -d databasePassword


-d databasePassword

Encrypt the database password.


This utility is available only when the user selects Tomcat as the application server while installing Unica Platform.

This utility can be used only in case when the user wants use encrypted passwords instead of plain text passwords, under Tomcat configurations.

For more details, see the Tomcat documentation.