Printing the Workflow tab

You can either print all information found on your project Workflow tab, or select certain columns of information to print.


  1. From the Workflow tab, click Print (Printer imagePrinter image).

    A dialog opens with a list of the spreadsheet columns. By default, all columns are selected.

  2. Click to clear any columns you do not want to include when you print.
  3. Optional: Clear the Shrink to Fit Landscape Page Width check box to print the columns at a size of 100%.

    If you keep this option checked, all selected columns print on a single page. If you use this feature, change your printing preference (for this print job) to landscape.

  4. Click Print Selected Columns. A preview dialog opens.
  5. Click Print.
  6. Select your printer and printer options. Choose landscape mode for best results.
  7. Click Print to print the selected workflow columns.
  8. In the preview dialog, click Close to close the print preview.