Workflow views

To monitor and update workflow in an ongoing project, project participants typically use the three view modes to work with the spreadsheet tab. Project managers also use the edit mode to set up the workflow for new projects. In edit mode, project managers can add stages, tasks, and approval tasks to projects that are in progress.

On the Workflow tab of a project, you can choose different ways to view scheduled tasks and to change the tasks or the workflow.

  • Spreadsheet view mode presents granular task-related information in tabular format. Team members can enter status, the percentage of work that is completed, and scheduling data for individual tasks in this view mode. The Workflow tab displays the spreadsheet view by default, or click View > View as a spreadsheet.
  • Timeline view mode emphasizes data that is related to scheduling and presents pending, on schedule, late, and overdue tasks with color-coded indicators. Click View > View as a Timeline/Gantt chart. For more information, see Timeline view mode.
  • Process flowchart view mode emphasizes task dependencies and presents a visual plot of task sequence. Click View > View as a process flowchart. For more information, see Process flowchart view.
  • Edit mode gives you access to the workflow spreadsheet so that you can changes it. Project managers add, delete, and organize tasks in the workflow, and all participants supply information for the tasks. Click Edit (Page with pencil). For more information, see Editing workflow spreadsheets.