Workflows - Enhanced version

The enhanced version of workflows is the new version of workflows, added in 12.1 release of Unica Plan, to view and modify workflows.

The new features of the enhanced version are as follows:
  • An intuitive user interface
  • Drag-and-drop feature to move tasks or stages, or to change the sequence of columns
  • Auto-save feature eliminates the worry of saving the modifications
  • Saves UI-related user customization, which includes:
    • added columns or removed columns
    • rearranged column sequence
    • resized Task/Approval name column

You can switch from one workflow version to another without any feature loss. Changes made using one version can be viewed using the other version too.

When multiple users are on the enhanced workflow for a certain project, then Action taken by one user causes a refresh in the other users' view.

An action taken by the user in the enhanced workflow will be rejected if the user is working on stale data . This happens in the following cases:

  • user 1 is on the enhanced workflow of a project, for example, named Tradeshow.
  • user 2 is on the enhanced workflow of the same project.
  • user 1 performs some updates on the workflow.
  • Before the view of user 2 is refreshed, if user 2 performs some updates, user 2 will receive an error because user 2 is working on the stale state of the project.

Updates performed on the screens, other than the enhanced workflow, do not refresh the other users' view.