Importing workflow templates into projects

You can import a previously saved workflow template into a new project instance.

About this task

Note: Administrators can also import saved workflow templates into project templates so every project instance has the same workflow. However, administrators cannot import saved workflow templates with form tasks into project templates.


  1. For a project instance, select Workflow.
  2. Click More > Import and save workflow.
  3. Unica Plan warns you that importing a workflow template deletes the current workflow. Click OK to continue.
  4. Use the Search bar to locate a template, or sort the list of templates based on Name, Created date, or Last modified date, in ascending order or descending order, to locate the required template.
  5. Select a workflow template and click Import.


Unica Plan imports the new workflow, saves it automatically, and warns you if you imported form tasks with broken links or approval steps with invalid users, teams or rules.

What to do next

After importing the workflow template, you can modify the imported workflow. For more information, see Modifying workflows.