Adding tabs to templates

Add a tab or form to templates to collect information about the marketing object. You can add more forms to the Summary tab. For some types of templates, you can add custom tabs, on which you add forms.


  1. Add or edit the template then click its Tabs tab.
  2. Click Add Tab.
  3. Enter a descriptive name for the tab in the Display Name text box.

    The name that you choose becomes the name of the tab that users see when they create instances from this template.

  4. Choose whether to show the form on the Summary tab or its own custom tab.

    This option is not available for all template types.

  5. You can create rules to show and hide the forms. See Building rules to show and hide forms.
  6. Select a form from the Form list.

    This list contains all the forms available in Unica Plan, except for the TCS® (Target Cell Spreadsheet) forms used by campaign projects.

  7. If you are adding a grid, you can select a data validation rule from the Data Validation Rules list.
    For more information, see Advanced topics.
  8. Select the visibility options for the tab.

    This option is not available for all template types.

  9. Click Save changes to save the tab, or Add Tab to add another tab.