Icons page

On the Icons page, you review and add icon files. These icons display in various parts of Unica Plan user interface to identify a type of template or object instance.

Click the Icons link on the Template Configuration page (or Change Icons on the template Summary tab) to manage the icons that identify templates and the objects that are created from them.

The Icons page contains the following columns:

Column Description
Images A large and small image for each icon. Click the images to change the icon name or the image files.
Name The name of icon.
Used By A list of object templates that use this icon. You specify the icons that are used by a template on the template Properties tab. See Template Properties tab for defining the template.
Delete A link to delete the icon image file. This link is only available for icons that are not used in any templates.

Unica Plan is installed with a set of default icons. You can choose from these icons, or add icons that are customized for your organization. When you add your own custom icons, you upload two file sizes for each icon:

  • File image: the large (46x54 pixels) image that displays when users create an object instance.
  • List icon image: the small (20x24 pixels) image that displays on the list page next to an object instance. For example, the Project list page contains the list icons for all of the projects on the page.

The image files must be in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format.