Template Tabs tab for customizing the user interface

Use this tab to add forms to the Summary tab, or to create custom tabs for the marketing object types that support this feature.

For example, you want to collect information about the outside vendor that users plan to contract with to get collateral printed. To do so, you create a form with an attribute for users to select a printing company from a list of several vendors. You also include a text box for users to enter the quoted price of each page of the collateral. You then use the Tabs tab in a project template to add a custom tab and name it Printing.

Tip: You cannot rename the standard tabs that display for object instances.

When you configure security policies for your organization, you can configure custom security permissions for these tabs.

Table 1. Fields for defining a new tab
Field Description
Display Name The display name for the new section on the Summary tab or the new custom tab.
Page Style
  • Select summary to add a form to the bottom of the Summary tab. Use this option for forms that contain relatively few attributes and forms that users need to see frequently.
  • Select tab to create a custom tab specifically for the form. Use this option for forms, or groups of forms, that require their own page, as in the Printing tab example.

This option is not available for all template types.

Form Select the form to add.
Click icon to add rule

Each section on a tab can be expanded to show all fields, or collapsed to hide fields until users want to work with them. By default, all sections are expanded.

You can build a rule that uses an if-then statement to specify conditions in which the section is expanded. If you specify a rule, the form is expanded only when the conditions of the rule are satisfied; otherwise, the form is collapsed.

For more information, see Building rules to show and hide forms.

Data Validation Class System-supplied when you select a Data Validation Rules file.
Data Validation Rules Forms that use a grid to collect data can apply an XML file with validation functions to edit check user entries. If the form that you specified in the Form field has one or more associated rules files, you select one from this list.

Select Show in Wizard to display the new Summary section or custom tab in the series of pages that display when users create a marketing object. If you clear this option, the section or tab displays only after users save the object.

For project templates only, select Show in Request if this new Summary tab section or custom tab applies to both projects and requests. If you clear this option, the section or custom tab displays for projects only.