Template Attachments tab for adding folders and files

Use this tab to manage attachments in your templates. You can add attachments and folders for future attachments.

About this task

On this tab, you:

  • Add one or more attachment folders so that users can add and organize attachments: Click Add Folder.
  • Change the relative position of the folders on the tab: Click Up and Down to reorder attachment folders.
  • Delete folders: Click Delete next to the folder you want to remove. All attachments in the folder are also deleted.
  • Attach one or more files to the template, so that whenever an object is created from the template, certain images and documents are attached by default. Click Add Attachment.
  • Delete default attachments: Click Delete next to the file you want to remove.

To add folders and default attachment files:


  1. Add or edit the template then click its Attachments tab.
  2. Add at least one folder to the tab: Click Add Folder and provide a Name.
  3. To add an attachment, click Add Attachment next to a folder.
    The Upload Attachment dialog opens.
  4. Enter the file path and name, or click Browse to locate the attachment.
  5. Click Save to attach the file.

    The attachment file displays in a list under its folder.

  6. On the Attachments tab, click Save changes to save the new folder and its attachment.

    Repeat these steps to add as many folders and attachments as needed.