Finalizing and rolling up metrics

When a project is linked to a program or a program is linked to a plan, you can roll up metric values from the child object to the parent object. Template creators define how metrics roll up to the parent object.

About this task

For more information about defining rollup behavior, see the Unica Plan Administrator's Guide.

Note: Planned values for metrics do not roll up. Those values are for top-down planning.

Metric values do not roll up automatically. Unica Plan rolls up the values when you indicate that they are final. Each time that you import new metric values or edit metric values, you must indicate that the values are final in order for them to roll up.

Whenever there are metric values that have not been rolled up, a Finalize link displays on the Tracking tab of the object that contains the values.


  1. Navigate to the Tracking tab of the project or program whose metrics you want to roll up to their parent program or plan.
  2. Click the Finalize link.
    Note: The Finalize link displays only if there are new or changed metric values that have not yet been rolled up.
  3. The metrics that are defined for rollup are rolled up to the parent program or plan and are available on the parent object's Tracking tab.