Views for rollup metrics

The following table describes the views that are available for rollup metrics.

To change the view for rollup metrics, click the View icon (Protractor, ruler, and pencil image) and select a view from the drop-down menu.

Table 1. Views for rollup metrics
View mode Description
High-Level Summary Displays a summarized view of all rolled up metric dimensions. The High-Level Summary is the default view.
Breakout of Planned Displays details of planned values for rollup metrics.
Breakout of Planned and Rollup Target(s) Displays details of planned and target values for rollup metrics
Breakout of Planned, Rollup Target(s), and Rollup Actual(s) Displays details of planned, target, and actual values for rollup metrics.
Breakout of All Rollups Displays details of target, actual, and any other custom values for rollup metrics that are used in the plan or program.