Setting up program and project metrics

Use the wizard to add a program or project and specify the metrics that you want to collect. The results appear on the Tracking page.

About this task

Note: This task describes setting up metrics for a program; setting up metrics for a project is similar.

To set up program metrics, complete the following steps.


  1. Using the wizard, add a program or project.

    When you use the wizard, the Tracking page displays the template tracking information for your program. You cannot change the type of information that is captured on the Tracking page, but you can enter target values for the categories. Depending on how your administrator set up your program templates, the number of columns on the Tracking page can vary.

  2. In the Target column, enter the target value that you want to achieve by running this program.
    For example, if the program is a product launch, you might want to achieve 100 contacts or get 1 hour of media coverage.
  3. If other columns such as Optimistic or Pessimistic appear, you can enter corresponding values.
    For example, if your target value for a Total Contacts category was 100, a Pessimistic value for Total Contacts might be 50.
  4. Click Next to continue the program wizard.

    When you are finished creating the program, the metrics you entered appear on the Tracking tab for that program.