Adding a marketing object type

You add a custom marketing object type in Unica Plan.


  1. Select Settings > Plan Settings.
  2. In the Other Options section, click Marketing Object Type Settings.
    The Marketing Object Type Settings page opens.
  3. Click Add marketing object Type.
    The Add marketing object Type page opens.
  4. Specify the details for the object type. For descriptions of the fields on this page, see The Add marketing object Type page.
  5. Click Save changes to add the new marketing object type
    When you save the marketing object type, Unica Plan creates XML definition files and properties files with its specifications.
  6. If your organization supports multiple locales, translate the labels and text strings that display in the user interface into the language of each locale. For information, see Localized object types.

What to do next

Important: To make the new marketing object type available, synchronize the menu by going to Settings>Plan Settings>Synchronize Menus. Then, restart the web application server and log back in.