Associations between marketing object types

You can associate one marketing object type with a project or with another marketing object.

For example, your organization has a type of project that always includes a brochure. You set up a custom marketing object type for the brochures, and then configure the project template to prompt users for one or more brochures when they create projects. As a result, when a user works with the project and clicks a Select control, a list of brochures displays. The list can contain all brochure instances in the system, or only brochures that are created from a specific brochure template.

You can also configure templates to:

  • Include standard or custom attributes that are defined in one template when users create a project or other object instance from another template. You can include an attribute only if you also associate the marketing object types with each other.
  • Create an instance for a specified marketing object automatically when users create another type of marketing object. For example, create a brochure automatically when users create a certain type of project. This feature is not available if you are associating the marketing object type with another marketing object.

To configure a template to include data for another marketing object type, you create a form and add attributes to it.

  • To associate one type of marketing object with another, you add an attribute with an attribute type of Single Select Object Reference or Multi Select Object Reference to a form. You then add the form to a template.
  • To include an attribute that is defined in one template in another type of object instance, you add an Object Attribute Field Reference attribute to the same form. To include an attribute, you must use a Single Select Object Reference attribute to associate the marketing objects.

For more information about forms, see Forms. For more information about attributes, see Attributes.