Marketing object type definition files

When you create a marketing object type, Unica Plan updates database tables and creates the following XML files to store definitions for that marketing object type.

  • mo_name_map.xml, which defines the standard attributes to show on the Summary tab for the marketing object. You can also change the labels of these attributes.
  • mo_name_state.xml, which contains the metadata for the transitions that are defined between states for the object. The metadata for every marketing object state that is defined on your system is stored in the globalstates.xml file. If you add any new states, you must define them in that file. If you add a custom state in a marketing object, access the MarketingOperations/messages/com/hcl/umo/ext/ location and make the following modifications to the UMOMktObjectConfigurationMessages_<locale>.properties file:
    • Add a line for each new status key and label. The key must match the state ID as specified in globalstates.xml file.
    • Repeat the same for each locale.
    • After saving the changes, restart the web application.

Where name is a lowercase version of the name you specified in the Marketing Object Type Module Name field when you created the marketing object type.

The marketing object definition files are stored in the Plan_Home\conf\locale directory.

  • In versions before version 8.6.0, the system created two extra files for marketing object types: mo_name_list.xml and mo_name_ui.xml. These files are no longer created; however, the Plan_Home\conf\backupUiListConfig directory retains files that were created before the upgrade to version 8.6 for reference.
  • From the 11.0 version onwards, only a *_state.xml is generated and the *_map.xml file is not generated.
  • The standard attributes shown in the Summary tab cannot be changed.
Important: Do not remove any of the marketing object definition files. If you do so, you cannot start your web server or use Unica Plan.