Viewing Checklists and Checklist info

You can view the checklists that you created or the checklists shared with you.

About this task

To view and locate checklists, complete the following steps:


  1. On the Checklists page, you can view the checklists in the My Board section. You can view a maximum of 10 checklists on My Board.
  2. If required, you can reorganize the checklists in your desired order. Just drag the Checklist from the current location and drop it at the required location.
  3. Use Search for checklist on the board to locate the required Checklist. For more information, see Searching a Checklist.
  4. After locating the Checklist, to view Checklist information, select .
    A side panel appears displaying the following information:
    • Owner of the Checklist
    • Number of To-dos in the Checklist
    • Checklist priority
    • Users with editor privilege
    • Users with viewer privilege
    • History of the Checklist