Copying a Checklist

You can make a copy of an existing checklist with all settings intact.

About this task

To create a copy of a checklist, complete the following steps:


  1. On the Cheklists page, in My Boards section, locate the required checklist tile. If required, use the Search for Checklist on Board bar to locate the checklist.
  2. After locating the required checklist, inside the checklist tile, select > .
    The Copy checklist dialog appears.
    Note: If there are already 10 Checklists on My Board, an alert appears saying that there are already 10 Checklists on the board. Remove the unwanted checklist by selecting the appropriate option from Select Checklist to Remove from Board, and clicking Remove and Add.The system will remove the selected Checklist and add the copied Checklist.
  3. Enter an appropriate name for the copied checklist.
  4. If required, select the following options:
    • Keep All Assignments - Retains all the assignments of the original checklist.
    • Keep All Due Date - Retains the due date of all To-dos of the original checklists.
    • Keep Editors - Retains all users with editing privileges on the checklist.
    • Keep Viewers - Retains all users with viewing privileges on the checklist.
  5. Click Duplicate.
    A success message appears.