Creating Checklists

Create a checklist to maintain a list of To-dos for a particular activity.

About this task

To create a Checklist, complete the following steps:


  1. On the Checklists page, click + Checklist. In case of two or more checklists, you can also add a new Checklist by placing the cursor between two checklist tiles and selecting Click here to Add a Checklist.
    A new Checklist tile appears in My Board.
    Note: If there are 10 Checklists on My Board, an alert appears saying that there are already 10 Checklists on the board. Remove the unwanted checklist by selecting the appropriate option from Select Checklist to Remove from Board, and clicking Remove and Add.The system will remove the selected Checklist and add the new Checklist.
  2. In the Checklist tile, enter an appropriate Name.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Add To-dos to the Checklist. For more information on adding To-dos, see Creating To-dos.