Procedure plug-in definition file

The procedure plug-in definition file defines implementation class, metadata, and other information about the custom procedures to be hosted in Unica Plan.

By default, the procedure plug-in definition is assumed to be in the following path:


This file is an XML document that contains the following information.

Procedures: a list of zero or more Procedure elements.

Procedure: an element that defines a procedure. Each procedure contains the following elements.

  • key (optional): string that defines the lookup key for the procedure. This key must be unique among all standard and custom procedures that are hosted by a particular Unica Plan instance. If not defined, defaults to the fully qualified version of the className element. Names starting with the string "uap" are reserved for use by Unica Plan.
  • className (required): fully qualified package name of the procedure class. This class must implement the IProcedure class (com.unica.public.plan.plugin.procedure.IProcedure).
  • initParameters (optional): a list of zero or more initParameter elements.

    initParameter(optional): parameter to be passed to the procedure's initialize() method. This element includes the nested parameter name, type, and value elements.

    • name: string that defines the parameter name
    • type: optional class name of the Java wrapper class that defines the type of the parameter value. Must be one of the following types:
      • java.lang.String (the default)
      • java.lang.Integer
      • java.lang.Double
      • java.lang.Calendar
      • java.lang.Boolean
    • value: string form of the attribute value according to its type