Configuration parameters

When you install the Unica Plan Integration Module, the installer sets three configuration properties. You can modify the configuration properties to customize the behavior of the Integration Module.

Configuration properties for the Integration Module are under Plan | umoConfiguration | integrationServices.

  • The enableIntegrationServices configuration property to turns the Integration Services module on and off.

  • The integrationProcedureDefinitionPath parameter contains the full file path to the custom procedure definition XML file.

    The default value is <HCL_Unica_Home><Plan_Home>/devkits/integration/ examples/src/procedure/procedure-plugins.xml/.

  • The integrationProcedureClasspathURL parameter contains the URL to the class path for custom procedures.

    The default value is file:///<HCL_Unica_Home><Plan_Home>/devkits/ integration/examples/classes/.
    Note: The '/' at the end of the integrationProcedureClasspathURL path is required for loading procedure classes correctly.