Key Java classes

The supplied integration developer's kit contains a set of Javadoc for the public Unica Plan API and supporting classes.

The most important Java classes are listed here.

  • IProcedure (com.unica.publicapi.plan.plugin.procedure.IProcedure): interface that all procedures must implement. Procedures go through a well-defined lifecycle and access the Unica Plan API to do work.
  • ITriggerProcedure (com.unica.publicapi.plan.plugin.procedure.ITriggerProcedure): interface that all trigger procedures must implement (marker interface).
  • IExecutionContext (com.unica.publicapi.plan.plugin.procedure.IExecutionContext): interface of opaque context object that is handed to the procedure by the execution manager. This object has public methods for logging and edit lock management. The procedure also passes this object to all PlanAPI calls.
  • IPlanAPI (com.unica.publicapi.plan.api.IPlanAPI): interface to the Unica Plan API. The execution context provides a getPlanAPI() method to retrieve the proper implementation.