The procedure implementation class uses the Unica Plan API to read and update Unica Plan components, start services, and so on. Other Java packages can be used to do other tasks.

In your design, focus on producing a single unit of work that operates atomically. Ideally, a procedure performs some series of tasks that can be scheduled asynchronously to run at some later time. This "fire and forget" integration model results in the least load on both systems.

Note: Only the documented classes and methods will be supported in future releases of Unica Plan. Consider all other classes and methods in Unica Plan to be off-limits.

After you code and compile the procedure implementation classes, you make them available to Unica Plan. The build scripts that are supplied with the Unica Plan Integration Services place the compiled procedures in the default location. The final development step is to update the custom procedure plug-in definition file that is used by Unica Plan to discover the custom procedures.

The procedure must implement the com.unica.publicapi.plan.plugin.procedure.IProcedure interface and have a parameter-less constructor (usual JavaBeans model). Coding and compilation of each procedure is done in a Java IDE of the customer's choice, such as Eclipse, Borland JBuilder, or Idea. Sample code is provided with Unica Plan as developer toolkits, in the following location: