Integrate new custom reports in Unica

Unica Insights enables you to integrate newly created custom reports with Unica for Campaign, Deliver, Plan, and Interact products.

About this task

Complete the following configuration steps to create new custom reports.


  1. Set up your development environment using BIRT designer. For more details, go to
  2. Create your custom report using the BIRT designer and test the report​.
  3. Create a custom report folder, for example <My Custom Reports> under the Platform installation directory as shown below. Unica_home\Platform\Insights\Reports\campaign\partitions\partition1\Affinium Campaign\<My Custom Reports>.
    Note: Ensure that you do not include any sub-folders under the custom report folder. You can provide any name for the custom report folder. You can have mutiple custom report folders.
  4. Copy your report design files in the above-mentioned directory.
  5. Log in to Unica and navigate to the following configurations templates.
    • For Campaign: navigate to Affinium|Campaign|partitions|partition1|UnicaInsightsReports|Campaign​.
    • For Interact, navigate to Affinium|Campaign|partitions|partition1|UnicaInsightsReports|Interact.
    • For Deliver, navigate to Affinium|Campaign|partitions|partition1|UnicaInsightsReports|Deliver​​.
    • For Plan, navigate to Affinium|Plan|umoConfiguration|reports.
  6. Select and configure the custom reports templates. Provide the following details.
    • New category name: Provide an appropriate name.
    • reportFolder: Provide the custom report folder name. For example: My Custom Reports.
    • reportName: Provide the report name. For example: Campaign Performance by User
    • reportFileName: Provide report design file name. For example: CampaignPerformancebyUser.rptdesign
    • reportDescription: Provide a description for the report
  7. Navigate to the Analytics menu and select the appropriate <Product> Analytics.
  8. Click Synchronize Folders to view the Custom Reports folder.
  9. Click Custom Reports Folder to view your custom reports.
  10. Click any report and run it.