Copy the Collaborate report folder in Unica Insights directory

To copy the Collaborate report folder in Insights directory, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a folder "Collaborate" under <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports.
  2. Copy the Affinium Collaborate folder from <Collaborate_HOME>/Insights_Reports and place it in PLATFORM_HOME/Insights/Reports/campaign/partitions/<value of defaultCampaignPartition parameter>. You will find the value of "defaultCampaignPartition configuration parameter in Platform configuration under Affinium|Collaborate|UDM Configuration Settings|Campaign Integration.
  3. For Collaborate reports, run the to update the datasource for the report design files from <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/tools/bin. For information on Unica Insights DB utility, see the Update data source in Unica Insights report design files using Unica Insights utility section.
  4. Ensure that you possess the execute permissions for the rpt design files.
  5. Update the navigation URL and port under Affinium|Insights|navigation.