Known issues

The following is the list of Known Issues in Unica Insights Reports

Table 1. Known Issues in Unica Insights Reports
ID Issue Description
HMA-330749 (V12.1.1) When configuring Unica Insights Reports or Unica Open Insights, if you see an error when executing acer_scripts_sqlserver.sql (on Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, or Oracle), raise a PMR. HCL Support will provide assistance on the issue.
HMA-330431 (V12.1.1) Campaign Journey CH/RH integration feature may produce inappropriate data on "Offer performance Metrics" report, when common offers are being used in Unica Campaign and Unica Journey. 
HMA-325523 (V12.1.1) If there are conditional links in an email document, incorrect data is seen in the reports.
HMA-320280 In the Approval and Compliance listing report, all the approval items are not displayed.
HMA-306949 (V12.1.1) If you export Analytics Reports, the column headers are truncated for the PDF format.
HMA-314296 (V12.1.0.4) When two charts are beside each other in a report, and if you export the report to Microsoft Excel, the second chart shrinks. This is a known issue in Unica Insights.

Workaround: Open and edit the excel report to resize the chart.

HMA-320542 (V12.1.0.3) Update event pattern state ETL to support advanced patterns.
  • Pattern State ETL process currently works only for Interactive Channel with event patterns MatchAll, Counter and Weighted Counter.
  • Event Pattern report for all databases must be corrected to display the new advanced event patterns.
HMA-313087 Permissions to execute files are not available for Insights tools.
Workaround: Perform the following steps.
  1. Navigate to <INSIGHTS_HOME>/tools/bin.
  2. Change the permission of the files by running the following command chmod -R 777.
HMA-313086 Insights Reports with images do not open with required permissions.
Workaround: Perform the following steps.
  1. Navigate to <INSIGHTS_HOME>/report.
  2. Change the permission of the images folder by running the following command chmod -R 766 images.
  3. Restart the application server, if it is already running.
HMA-310915 The What If Offer Financial Summary report is not available in Campaign with MariaDB data source.
HMA-307152 PDF output sometimes shrinks if the number of report columns are many. XLSX format works better in such cases because it allows custom formatting.
HMA-305517 For all Unica Insights object-specific reports, you may see the object name, for example, Campaign/Offer/Plan/Program/Project drop-down filter disabled.
HMA-305352 An error is generated in the Unica Insights report on using the project name with $ character.
HMA-303387 If any exception is generated on the reports configuration, it is displayed as per the Unica Insights engine. It helps in understanding the error.
HMA-302526 Unlike IBM Cognos reports, few Unica Insights reports do not have Campaign, Plan, and Interactive Channel objects' hyperlinks.